Bewakoof — The brand that wooed us all

That one brand that fills at-least half my wardrobe is Bewakoof.

I’m sure there are many who would agree with me.
With my voracious reader mode on and quickly scrolling through a couple of articles, I came across one particular article from Your Story about Bewakoof.
As I was reading, that one particular point that got me piqued was that their sales are quadrupling every year. claims to be a profitable e-commerce site and is growing 15–20% month on month with a burgeoning demand.

Interested to understand the ‘Why’ factor, i tried to apply the branding concepts that I’ve learned in the past.

Digging from the basics

Target Audience : Men and Women

Age : 16–35

Super Consumer : College Student

Target Media Consumer : Office Goers and Party Enthusiasts

I know it’s getting boring so let’s jump into the fun part :-

What tension did they address ?

For college going kids, they came up with cool tees with quirky and funny quotes. Brilliant colors and amazing designs adding a dash of attitude that they usually exude.

Boyfriend T Shirts for women! That one thing I love the most.

We women love to wear the tees of our boyfriends/dads/brothers. Why? It’s damn comfortable! Easy to fit in and an oversized tshirt makes any girl look cute. Don’t you agree?

Trend : Paisa Wasool. That’s what their target audience usually look for.

A superb and a good quality tee shirt at Rs. 220/-. Can you get it anywhere? Not really because either the quality gets compromised or the design and fit.

Unveiling their Communication Challenge, what did they focus on? launches new designs based on their observation of trends in lifestyle and fashion, as well as by listening to its social media fan base of over 1.50 million fans. Despite their focus being on metros, it’s TIER 2 cities that bring in most of the sales for them and narrowing it further, it’s ASSAM that is one of their top performing states.

As conveyed by Siddharth Munot, “Today, in the fashion industry, the opportunities don’t necessarily go to the big and established players, but to the fastest one out there. We work very closely with our fans on Facebook and other social media, as well as use other consumer engaging tools and incorporate their feedback into what we do.”

Big researches are happening on Social Media platforms these days and that’s why brands need to stress more on Social Listening.

People are seeking out for things that let them reflect their own personality, reflect coolness and makes them stand out of the crowd. And, that’s what Bewakoof let’s them do — Allowing them to be fashionably silly!




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